Sledding without Kids

It was a beautiful New England day and President’s Day Holiday as well. The light was streaming through my windows perfectly. A dose of Vitamin D was calling my name but I didn’t really want to go walking or snowshoeing, and it had been too icy to go downhill skiing today (I’m picky about my snow). What I wanted to do was go sledding. There is a perfect sledding hill that I drive by on my way to work. It’s huge and often filled with kids yet with so much snow this year there hasn’t been the urgency to get out and sled. I have actually seen the hill empty at times. So I don’t have kids and couldn’t think of any kids (or parents) to call to come out and play. Yet I didn’t want to miss out on sledding this perfect day so I headed out solo. I did think to call my friend Karen on the way there. With a little encouragement she found a snow tube and joined me for the second round of runs. (Karen is a mother of college age kids and she had a doctorate from Harvard – she’s also a great softball pitcher and soccer goalie).

The sledding was fast (I clocked 16.1mph on my GPS but it seemed faster) and my sled doesn’t really give. The bruises on my backside will make me smile all week as I think of the wind and sun on my face. I don’t want to miss out on activities that I love that are not necessarily associated with adulthood. Yes adults go sledding but most often with kids . . . today not me . . . and not Karen . . . it was all about the joy of sledding . . . and without kids. I encourage you not to miss out.


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