Emerging Spring

There is joy in the first true outing of nearly spring in New England. Today I ended work at 4pm, planning it before I learned it was aiming to be a day in the 60’s. How happy I was when I actually heard the weather report. Mid 60’s on March 18th is pure joy in New England. It’s tease of what is to come. I love the New England weather and the anticipation of what each season brings. Today it was the joy of the walk/jog/run around a local lake. It’s a lake that is often bustling with walkers, joggers, strollers, kids, dogs and their owners. There were those running that that made me wonder if they are training for the Boston Marathon. They look like they never stopped training or running… it’s about a month away now. Couples walk hand and hand and others have clearly set new goals for themselves for this emerging new season. Personally I go outside and “play” year round as much as possible and change my sports each season. Yet each new season also always has the “first.” The first bike ride, ski day, lake swim, hike, etc. So though I go outside and “play” regularly today felt different. As I ran today there was no jacket or long pants. Despite the last pieces of ice holding out on the edges of the lake it was shorts and t-shirt weather. It is this “first” outing each year that makes me smile and think of how there will soon be the smells of spring and the shades of green that can only be seen in the new spring. Today I don’t want to miss out on recognizing the spring season is trying to emerge.


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