The Toilet Seat

Saturdays in my mind is a day in which I want to accomplish something. I think of hiking, skiing a mountain, starting and completing a project, devouring a book, or there are plenty of other options. The reality of Saturdays is that I often crash from the week unless I have made my plans in advance. I haven’t planned well the past few weeks so thus have had some pretty low key Saturdays. When I wrote my list out today of what I wanted to accomplish it was lots of errands and I decided to add some geocaching to the mix as well. The biggest errand was a new toilet seat. Yup… my toilet seat broke this week… it didn’t slam down rather it just broke. Home Depot was incredibly overwhelming… so many choices. So I had the measurement of my seat. I’m standing in front of about 30 different options, round, oblong, plastic, wood, white, beige, and more. A number of sales staff on the way in had asked me if I needed anything. Nope, I felt I had it under control. However I hadn’t brought my measuring tape and I asked a sales associate, who quite honestly looked scared I would ask him a question, he didn’t have one. So I’ve been using my bathroom, and same toilet, for over the 10 years that I’ve lived in my apartment. Round or oblong seat… of course I knew, I was too lazy to get the measuring tape to double check. I chose wrong…another trip to Home Depot is in order. FYI I need a round seat.

What I have kept thinking this week as I encounter my seat-less commode is how even this is a blessing. Having travelled enough in developing countries I realize that clean, functioning bathroom facilities are not common in many places in the world. I don’t know if I have ever thanked God for a functioning clean toilet, with a seat. However today I found myself thinking there are many people around the world who have never encountered one, much less have one to themselves. I don’t want to miss being thankful for my indoor toilet and seat.

Laugh… yes.. but it’s true!

The pictures that follow are a few of the bathroom facilities in orphanages in Moldova.

A boys bathroom

 A “teachers'” outhouse which had 2 precariously placed boards covering a hole in the ground.


Indoor toliet – this was a couple of feet of the floor, tiled in, sort of like a closet.


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