Quotes of the Week – Embracing my Horns

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Heather: I met my therapist and she’s nice.

Me: How can you tell she’s nice?

Heather: (Laughing loudly) I don’t know, she is. Stop asking me questions like that.

Me: I think it’s good to know some ways that you can tell someone is nice or you might want to work with them.

Heather: (Laughing.) I don’t know.

Me: So, she’s nice because she doesn’t have horns coming out of her head or something?

Heather: (Laughing now hysterically.) No she doesn’t have horns.

Me: Ok… I’m just asking. Trying to get you to think what was good about your meeting and what makes you think she’s nice.

Heather: Ok, Ok.

Me: All right. So you’re glad she’s nice and has no horns?

Heather: Yup, unlike you.

Me: (laughing) You got me, that was a good comeback. Well done!

That was a success today.! Heather has not had people (family) treat her well and she’s vulnerable to being taken advantage of. My hope is to help her be a bit more discerning over time. To get her to think how she can tell when someone is nice, good, kind, to her and in contrast when she is not being treated well. The great success was that she gave me a little dig and teased me. This is a young woman who has had many conflicted feelings about me and my role in her life. She was able to feel confident in joking with me and knows I will not be angry with her. Today I was happy I was teased about having horns! It also has got me thinking more about how to teach discernment… more on that another time.


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