A Childless Mother’s Day

Once again Gini, my amazing neighbor, friend, and mentor has me thinking of what it means to leave a legacy. She is actively doing just that. Gini did not have her own children, nieces, or nephews. With no children there have been no grandchildren and at her age no great grandchildren. (She does have a cousin once removed and his family that she is close with). Yet I remember fondly her 90th birthday party where there were published (many times over) Bible Scholars and theologians. The beloved Old Testament professor, author, and translator of parts of the NIV Translation, Marv Wilson was at the party. Os Guiness is a close friend of Gini’s going on decades and there were many others with deep faith and significant influence and impact over their years. Gini’s Bible Study is like a who’s who’s in Christian Higher Education in the area. She has faithful friends she has mentored and encouraged for years through the 2 Bible Studies she has taught. Then there is her time at L’Abri in Switzerland and all those she touched on their spiritual journeys.

There were cards sent to Gini on Mother’s Day, I couldn’t help but see them as I brought in the mail. They made me smile not because I read them rather the mere fact she received them. There was a beautiful bouquet of roses on her table as I walked in. As it was said at her 90th Gini has become a spiritual mother and grandmother of sorts to so many. As she has shared about not having her own children she looked out to the 90 of us and said that somehow we are that legacy for her. It has made me think more about my own legacy and how I am pouring into those I come in contact with.

For myself it was also a childless mother’s day. If you had asked me 20 years ago what this day would have brought it would have been marriage and at least a 10 year old running around my home. However I am grateful for the time I have been able to mentor young adults and it never would it have looked the same if I had an elementary student in tow. Today I don’t want to miss that leaving a legacy is not about the biological children raised. The Hallmark store has a lot of cards for a variety of situations. It’s quite possible they are on to something.


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