May 2011 Don’t Miss List

1. Go to a great conference.  If your agency, church, etc. send you… embrace it, thank them, and take in as much as possible.  Or if you aren’t being sent – invest in yourself and your own growth.   – I highly recommend the Catalyst Confrence (I went to Dallas)

2. Be part of new opportunities and adventures in your local church (mine – being part of a newly formed global outreach team and going to our newly launched second campus!)

3. Sponsor a child (I recommend Compassion my sponsored child’s name is Yafreisis Anabel)

4.  Invest in a community that “does life” together

5.  Listen and take notes so you can refer back, reflect, remember, and take action

6.  Ride a bike with a friend (thanks Jordan)

7.  Listen to new music (Seryn is a new favorite)

8.  Ask teenagers what music they are listening to and why 

9.  Have something living in your home (a plant, an animal, or a fish)

10.  Be a part of helping someone else reach a goal.


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