When it seems nothing but everything changes

This week I went to a wedding of a friend I have known for about 7 years. We became friends, enjoyed some adventures, were part of a Bible Study, and have worshipped together at church on and off. He is the type of friend I appreciate as I know that the most important part of his life is his walk with God and that it is changing and growing. No matter how little or often our paths have crossed, faith is core to our friendship. As with most weddings there were other people I continue to cross paths with who are not as close but we make conversation and it’s enjoyable to spend time with them.

The standard question to ask seems to be, “What’s new?” It can be a difficult question. On the outside my life is nearly the same as it was 10 years ago – the same apartment, the same life status (single not in a relationship and without kids), and nearly the same job. I’ve travelled, mentored more kids, my nieces and nephews are older, I’ve taken classes, learned new things, been on adventures, taken up new sports, developed new friendships, deepened others, been in and ended close relationships, feel closer to God and further along in my journey. Lots has changed in my life, yet from an outsiders view, and sometimes in my own mirror I wonder if I have really changed other than the rise in gray hairs that I am seeing. I know that I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. Many of the goals and dreams I had ten years ago have not been realized (marriage, kids, house, new job) yet It seems that God continues to change and grow me and is preparing me. What that preparation is for I’m not sure but I continue to sense a stirring.

What struck me today is that Jesus must have gotten this question as well. As a man in his late teens and all through his 20’s the question “What’s new?” must have been asked over and over again. When was he going to find a nice girl, get married, start a family? It may have looked to outsiders he was stuck, oddly single, and possibly even that his career aspirations, if any, were small. Yet if they had listened to what was new about his relationship with his Father I believe they would have heard something else. What I appreciate about my now married friend is the type of friendship we have. A friendship in which the question of “What’s new?” is really about what God is doing in each other’s lives, whether it be seen in external or internal changes.

I don’t want to miss asking the question of “What’s new?” both from an external and internal perspective. I also don’t want to dismiss that the changes in my life, though not many are external, are significant and real.

What’s new with you?


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