June 2011 Don’t Miss List

1. Go to a High School Graduation. (I went to 2 of young women who have overcome a lot of challenges to walk across the stage…. great determination)

2. Go Kayaking on a quiet lake and drink in the beauty of early evening.

3. Find a new park or quiet place to enjoy nature. (My new favorite find is The Great Lawn at Coolidge Reservation – www.thetrustees.org )

4. Eat generous quantities of ice cream in all different flavors. (peppermint stick is my favorite today but that changes daily)

5. Take a 4 day long weekend if vacation is still far on the horizon – thanks to a co-worker who encouraged me to – avoid burnout

6. Help a teenage girl buy a bathing suit (the show “The Middle” had an episode this season on this which was great) it teaches patience and how to give graceful honest feedback.

7. Read the book “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. It had me up late and riveted. I learned so much about WWII history, courage, determination, redemption, and resilience.

8. Be part of a sports team – I love my once a week women’s softball team!!! Great women from all walks of life, in the team and league, I wouldn’t otherwise know. (A couple of wins have been an added bonus)


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