Restoration and Reflection

For my vacation week I have chosen to stay close to home. Errands and day trips have happily punctuated my week thus far. I had been considering going away for a couple of days for a retreat of sorts but knew that it would be a challenge for me to relax and not “do.” I also live in a beautiful area and believed this would give me an opportunity to re-visit some favorite places and maybe discover some new ones. Yesterday I chose to take out my new kayak and venture out to Choate Island. It’ a paddle and hike that I have done before and it didn’t disappoint. It was an hour paddling through the salt water at low tide until I reached the dock on the island. I saw 2 caretakers, one pruning and the other on his tractor. Our conversation consisted of quick friendly waves. The 135 acre island was essentially all mine for the 2 hours I spent walking to the top of the hill, having lunch, conversing with God, taking photographs, and attempting to drink in the beauty. The paddle back was a bit more taxing but still good and I continued to feel overwhelmed by the restoration the day had brought. It gave me time for reflection of what I have been learning and challenged me to think about how I desire to reflect light.

The following are a few pictures from my day. 

 The house is over 250 years old and has some old lead windows.   

There is a glimpse of the  the salt marsh from one of the windows.  Another trip is in order to catch the perfect shot. 


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