Don’t Miss Out On

I enjoy blogging and thinking about what I don’t want to miss out on.  I hope it enourages you to pause and think about those things for yourself.  But I also love action steps…  just tell me what to do.  Some people might call it a bucket list… I’m calling this my “don’t misss out on” list. 

1.  Go to the Boston Marathon – at least once in your life time…. cheer well… clap, yell out names, and smile.  Miles 15+ are my favorite… and the end crowded and crazy but tremendous.  On the way to the marathon look down at your odometer…  26.2 miles is a long way. 

2. Go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees Game… in Boston, in New York…. just go.

3. Hike a Fourtneer in Colorado….  word of advice start early and remember above the treeline there are no trees to hide behind if you are too well hydrated. 

4.  Travel with high school students… because they are amazing

5.  Seek out great mentors.

6.  Read more

7.  Learn a new sport – a team, lessons, etc. 

8.  Take an Art Class

9.  Hike Mount Washington – worth it, even if you don’t have a view from the top. 

10.  Write thank you notes/letters to those close to you. 




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